• Did you know?

    That we can conduct maintenance regardless of manufacturer?

GEZE at your service!

Tailor made solution approaches for every type of building. Our regular maintenance ensures functionality and maintains the value of your systems –regardless of manufacturer. With GEZE service contracts, you can find customised solutions that are just right for you

Safe and convenient ongoing service plans!

With our GEZE service contract, we offer you the opportunity to access many of our services safely and conveniently online

Create your online service contract quickly and easily here, and we’ll give you a personalized log-in for ongoing ease of access to all relevant documentation, service history, maintenance logs and more if you require it.

We conduct a free consultation and help you to choose a program that right for you.

Package DescriptionDesigned to provide quality scheduled services at reduces rates and priority response to repairs.Designed to provide quality scheduled services at reduces rates,priority response to repairs and defined replacement parts included.Designed to provide quality scheduled services at reduces rates,priority response to repairs, asset management and defined replacement parts included, to a fixed budget.
MaintenanceAnnual, bi-annually for Escape
Annual, bi-annually for Escape
Tailormade service frequency to your buildings door types(Automatics, Revolving, Manual, Windows, ect)
SafetyChecks, Audits &
Checks, Audits &
Checks, Audits &
RatesAnnual contract term – Includes
Labor, excludes Spares and
Replacement Product
3-year contract term – Includes
Labor, and defined Spares and
Replacement Product at reduced
5-10 year contract term – Includes
Labor and Spares Replacement
Product at preferential rates
TrackingGain control and visibility over your asset. Asset management by tracking scheduled maintenance, inventory records of replacement parts.
OnlineSecure online access to System
Data, Performance Records,
TrainingAnnually, including certificationsAnnually, including certificationsAnnual tailored, including

Online access: If you are an Exclusive Contract Customer, we’ll give you secure online access to your project and system data, allowing you to view full and updated performance data and service records at any time. Included is a proactive bi – annual annual review. Training support: We support your on – site repair team with annual training.

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More technical know-how through GEZE training courses

Our training offers a comprehensive qualification programme for GEZE products, enabling you and your team to obtain certificates of competence for commissioning GEZE products, standards and directives. In addition to our product training sessions, which are primarily designed to appeal to installation companies and or maintenance teams, we also offer separate events for architects and planners. Participants learn about topics such as door automation, door technology and safety technology, and together develop solutions for complex door standards. We would be happy to make training available to you and or prepare a customized training program that is right for your needs.


Go to our GEZE YouTube channel to find extensive information about the GEZE product installation and assembly videos. These will give you all the support you need when working with GEZE products.

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